Utilizing the MERIT Virtual Data Center (VDC) platform as part of our GreenHost initiative IAS is able to provide cloud services and dedicated virtual host servers with unprecedented performance, flexibility and efficiency levels and at the same time dramatically reducing or elimiating costs and energy consumption. Let IAS migrate your existing servers, websites and applications to our cloud services and ride the wave to experience the next evolution of the web.

Acceptance into the IAS Direct Assistance stimulus & in-kind services program is subject to approval and availability and each opportunity will be evaluated individually on its potential positive impact, cost reduction and energy savings.

Direct Assistance: Non-Profit Organizations

As part of our Direct Assistance Support Program IAS is offering no cost cloud host transition & host services as well as up to 100% in-kind development, applications and IT support assistance to non-profit, philanthropic, educational, government and municipal service organizations.

Direct Assistance: Commercial Organizations

For corporations IAS is offering no cost transition to cloud host services and realized cost savings of a minimum of 50% off your organizations current host services rates. Additionally in-kind development, applications and IT support assistance is available.

Direct Assistance: Dedicated Hardware Virtualization

For non-profit organizations and corporations with dedicated hosts, whether in house or colocated, IAS is offering heavily discounted transition to virtualized dedicated host "hardware". IAS will help determine a proper replacement equivalent in virtualized hosts that will effect improvements in performance, flexibility, reliability and scalability while also maximizing cost and energy savings.

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