IAS & Peplink - Multi Tenant Unit (MTU) Student Housing Case Study

A 350 resident high-end student housing facility was not able to meet the demands of its tenants for broadband Internet services. At first the primary link they were depending on simply wasn't enough, so they doubled the service and brought in IAS to manage it by deploying thier MTU Broadband Manager. This worked well, but IAS recommended that additional Internet services from a separate provider should be brought in to provide increased bandwidth capacity and failover redundancy.

A different brand bandwidth link balancer was deployed to manage the multiple links which was effective but the device dropped the Internet connection links seemingly at random which would only come back up if they were manually reset. IAS technicians attemped to work with the hardware vendor over the course of several weeks to determine the cause of the issue but no progress was able to be made.

One of IAS' technicians discovered that Peplink offered similar hardware based link balancing solutions which appeared to be rated highly. A Peplink 710 was deployed at this location and IAS technicians could see that the various provider links continued to be reset from time to time but the Peplink would bring them right back up. Since integrating Peplink as part of IAS' managed solution the student residents have been able to stay up all night enjoying broadband Internet services while IAS technicians and the property management staff were finally were able to get some sleep.

About Peplink
Peplink is a leader in developing Internet load balancing and failover solutions. The Balance dual-WAN and multi-WAN routers have allowed business to increase Internet reliability, get better performance and save costs. Peplink Balance routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of businesses to stay connected to the Internet and to enhance their productivity. Peplink has formed partnership with distributors and system integrators worldwide.

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